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Download wood jigs guide & woodworking plans

How to Build Woodworking Jigs

A well-designed wood jig is one of the wisest investments a woodworker can make. With the proper materials, fasteners, and hardware, effective wood jigs will simplify a tedious or difficult task, making it faster, more accurate, and safer. If you're like me, you've likely experienced these rewards, along with the frustration of trying to improvise wood jigs without the proper materials.

Through my many years of making jigs, I have come up with a guide that will turn the process of making them into a simple task. Whether you are making a one-time-jig or a long-time-jig, this guide will take the frustration out of the process and help you build it right the first time, instead of relying on workarounds and compromises. I am offering this guide as an add-on to my thousands of woodworking plans that you can download here.

Make your woodworking projects easier, safer, more precise, and more professional looking using these easy-to-make wood jigs. Get the details and Download your plans here.