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Wood Jigs

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How to Build Wood Jigs

While a common tool to most avid woodworkers, the layman will often be puzzled by the question of what wood jigs are.

Wood jigs are used to expedite some repetitive tasks in woodworking and ensure that the results do not vary from project to project. They are essential for ensuring that your cuts are straight, your holes are plumb, and your parts are square. They are very useful in wood shops, essentially serving as a template when completing repetitive tasks in measuring, cutting, drilling or other woodworking activities.

Wood jigs are worth the time it takes to make them because you will use them over and over again for years. A good jig is one of the best tools a craftsman can have and is one of the wisest investments a woodworker can make. When the right materials, fasteners, and hardware are used, the best jigs pay for themselves by making a difficult or tedious task easier, faster, more exact, and safer. If you've reaped these benefits, you've probably also experienced the anguish of trying to piece together a jig when you don't have all of the necessary parts.

One of the most difficult aspects of woodworking is recognizing when a tool exists that will make your task easier. While many people are familiar with wood jigs, there are many more of them to learn about and use. Through my many years of making jigs, I have come up with a guide that will turn the process of making them into a simple task. I have compiled a collection of the most common jigs that will assist you in cutting, drilling, and aligning your projects at all stages. Whether you are making a one-time-jig or a long-time-jig, this guide will take the frustration out of the process and help you build it right the first time, instead of relying on workarounds and compromises. I am offering this guide as an add-on to my thousands of woodworking plans that you can download here.

Even experienced woodworkers will be amazed by one or two of the wood jigs on this list. You'll wonder how you ever managed to put together a project without these handy shop tools.

Make your woodworking projects easier, safer, more precise, and more professional looking using these easy-to-make wood jigs. Get the details and Download your plans here.