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Chicken Coop Plans for 50 Chickens

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Building a Chicken Coop

In general, each chicken needs approximately 3 square feet of space inside the coop. So, if you have chicken coop plans for 50 chickens, you will need about 150 square feet of space inside your chicken coop (10ft x 15ft, or something similar). Not having enough space could be damaging to your chickens' health and will also cause the coop to get smelly pretty fast. If the chickens will be kept outside most of the time, 2 square feet of space per chicken will suffice. Alternatively, if they will always be cooped, they will need much more space: about 10 square feet per chicken.

Chickens love to forage, and the more room they have in the outside run the better. They will be healthier and more content which will result in tastier eggs and meat. The outside run should allow at least 6 square feet per bird.

If you need chicken coop plans for 50 chickens, or any number of chickens, it does not have to be tricky nor does it have to set you back a ton of scratch. Do it the easy and inexpensive way using these affordable and simple backyard chicken coop plans.